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Patients with Disabilities

Solis Dental is well equipped to treat patients with disabilities. Our caring and patient-first approach allows us to be a preferred dental practice by many, including patients who may have a disability. Stellar dental care isn’t just for a select few, it’s for everyone. We proudly serve families located in Hutto, Round Rock, Georgetown, Taylor, Pflugerville, Dessau, Weir, Jonah, and Coupland.

As part of our special needs dentistry assistance, we gladly welcome patients who may need additional services. In some cases, professional dental care is even more crucial for patients with disabilities. From experience, we know at-home dental hygiene can be difficult. Our trained dental professionals can provide the care each patient needs and assist with best practices for at-home care. 

We mean it when we say Solis Dental welcomes everyone. As a patient, you are considered part of the Solis Dental family and you will be treated as such. Each visit to our practice will allow us to get to know you better, so we can continue to give you a comfortable experience. We encourage you to communicate any concerns or accommodations that may be needed with our staff. If physical or behavioral concerns are on the top of your mind, don’t worry. We have plenty of experience. In some cases sedation dentistry may be needed, but can also be discussed further. 

Solis Dental is here to serve its Central Texas community members. If you or a family member may be in need of specialized dentistry services don’t hesitate in reaching out to us. Contact us to get your questions answered and to schedule an appointment. 

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