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We all have gag reflexes ranging in sensitivity. Some individuals find that they have a severe gag reflex. This usually makes getting dental care somewhat more complicated. In order to effectively treat and care for our patients, dental instruments are necessary. We find that many patients with severe gag reflex can’t deal with our tools in their mouths. Our patient-first approach allows us to adapt and still treat these patients. Many of our patients prefer Solis Dental as their go-to severe gag reflex dentist in Hutto, Texas. 

Through our experience, we found that providing a comfortable and welcoming environment goes a long way for our patients with high gag reflex sensitivity. The severity of your gag reflex can increase when you’re uneasy or uncomfortable; it can very much be a mental condition. 

In cases where a sensitive gag reflex is more of a physical condition, sedation dentistry can be effective. Our sedation options allow patients to enter a state of feeling at ease. Your treatment can be completed in an ideal state; you’ll be in and out before you even know it. 

If receiving dental care has been complicated because of severe gag reflex, Solis Dental is the perfect place for you. We work with a wide variety of patients, accommodating them based on their needs. The patient-first approach we embody allows us to bring meaningful change to our patients in Central Texas. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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