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The Truth About Mail-Order Aligners

We understand that mail-order aligners may seem appealing as an affordable treatment option; however, if you dive into some research, you will understand the issues you can face after using mail-order aligners. Mail-order aligners can mess up your bite, making your situation much worse and more expensive for a real dentist to fix later.

Smile Direct Club, the largest company in the mail order aligners space, just filed for bankruptcy. You don’t want to get your teeth straightened by a company that may not be around tomorrow. A company that may, for money reasons, stop sending you the aligners you paid for before your teeth are complete. You can get the smile of your dreams the right way, the best way, from your dentist. You can get the world’s top-selling aligners overseen by a real professional dentist for as low as $65 a month.

Straightening your teeth at home without visiting a dentist may sound like a good option, but you should see a trusted dental professional for many reasons. Our dentists and hygienists at Solis Dental have taken years of extended education and earned licenses and certifications to provide the best dental care for you and your family.

With our advanced technology, we can create highly accurate 3D digital scans of your smile to craft your teeth aligners. Mail order aligners rely on outdated methods to create your aligners, such as having you make a mold of your teeth yourself. This can cause your aligners not to fit properly and even make your byte alignment worse. 

We aim to provide the best dental care for you and your family at affordable prices. Our skilled dentists and dental staff give 100% attention to you during your appointments to customize a unique treatment plan tailored to your personal dental needs.

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Why You Should Avoid Mail-Order Clear Aligners

Many mail-order companies promise a cheap alternative to straighter teeth, meaning they might be poor quality. You won’t get a skilled dentist who tracks your progress and crafts high-quality customized aligners. Instead, you’ll receive a molding kit to do it all yourself, which many people report below can be a disaster.

Some of the main problems with mail-order aligners are as follows:

  • You might think that mail-order aligners are cheaper than Invisalign invisible aligners, but that’s not necessarily the case. You probably don’t know that you will have to pay separately for x-rays, impressions kits, diagnostics, extra aligners, or alternative treatments for mild to moderate or severe cases of misalignment.

  • Only a skilled dentist or orthodontist can guarantee professional care and a straighter smile with the aligned treatment in an office visit. Mail-order aligners do not guarantee expert care with their treatment time. From complete examinations to teeth whitening to oral surgery, we have the expertise to address your unique dental needs with our aligners.

  • This out-of-pocket treatment takes advantage of people who may have dental anxiety, which is a fear of going to the dentist. As such, most insurance companies will not cover the costs of any of the costs from an unprofessional mail order company. We understand that going to the dentist can be a nerve-racking experience, so our highly qualified dentist and dental staff make it their mission to provide the best dental restorative treatments in a comfortable and relaxing environment for you and your family.

  • Mail-order aligners rely on outdated, poor-quality materials such as plastic and inaccurate molding methods. Invisalign uses advanced technology, such as the iTero 3D scanner and high-grade materials, to give you a beautiful, confident smile.

  • Before starting any treatment, one of the most important things is to ensure a proper health evaluation to know that treatment can have a safe start and not worsen conditions. Mail-order aligners can cause many issues like traditional metal braces and lingual braces sometimes do. Broken/chipped teeth, gum/soft tissue damage, worsened alignment, crowded teeth, and jaw pain are common experiences with at-home aligners.


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Professional Dental Care Near You in Hutto, TX

At Solis Dental, you’ll get the quality dental care you need and experience excellent customer service when joining our dental family. We understand that your smile is a crucial part of your life and requires the same care and consideration. Our highly accurate invisible braces process cannot be easily recreated, no matter how much at-home aligners try to market themselves as such. 

We understand that at-home aligners might tempt you to avoid the dentist’s office. Dental anxiety causes some Americans to choose teeth straightening options that are different from Invisalign. If needed, we offer a range of sedation options to make your experience at our dental clinic as comfortable as possible. If you’re looking for professional care near you in Hutto, TX, choose Solis Dental!

Are Mail-Order Aligners Dangerous?

Possibly Yes! Watch the horror stories we have linked below. Mail-order aligners are considered dangerous as over 2,600 people have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau about their below standard of care results from their mail-order aligners.

The complaints range from gum/soft tissue damage to worsened misalignment and tooth damage. The unsatisfied customers can grow significantly in size if you are reading this page after 2023. These injuries were all preventable, so we never recommend such an experience to anyone. 

These mail-order aligners also, many times, can cost you more money in the end, as the time it takes to correct the damage can extend a treatment plan for months and even years.

These are news stories highlighting potential issues with mail order aligners. We recommend consulting a dentist face-to-face or, at the utmost, conducting extensive research before you decide otherwise!

So many options for at-home treatments might make it hard to know which brands you can trust. Unfortunately, most of these cheaper alternatives don’t have your best interests at heart; their profit motives are usually their first concern. Because thesemail-order aligners can, in many instances, be dangerous and do more harm than good. 

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Choose Invisalign clear aligners over mail-order aligners for optimal care for your brand-new, confident, charismatic smile.

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