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TMJ Treatment

TMJ or TMD are issues involving the jaw muscles. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction can be the culprit behind some of your oral symptoms. Identifying underlying causes is one of our specialties at Solis Dental. We offer quality TMJ treatment at our dental practice in Hutto, Texas. 

The hinge joints on both sides of the jaw make up the temporomandibular joint. In some cases, dysfunctional tendons or cartilage develop, and this causes TMJ symptoms. Additionally, any bones under high stress located in the jaw region can cause TMJ symptoms. 

Some TMJ Symptoms

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and believe you may be suffering from TMJ/TMD, it’s best to make a dental appointment for a checkup. 

Pinpointing the cause of TMJ/TMD can be difficult without professional help. We have seen cases of TMD caused by arthritis and even bruxism. Rest assured, Solis Dental will identify the root cause and offer effective treatment. Depending on findings from our thorough exam, different treatment options may be recommended. A dental night guard may be recommended and may be the solution you’ve been needing. We’ve also seen cases where orthodontic treatment is necessary, it really depends on your unique situation. 

Regardless of the preferred option, our TMJ treatments will provide a meaningful change in your life. Solis Dental is committed to providing a unique dental experience in the Hutto, TX area. We can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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