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Regular Cleanings

Regular cleanings help maintain the health of your teeth by removing the plaque, tartar, and stains regular brushing and flossing can not get. Cleanings control the amount of bacteria in your mouth that are responsible for bad breath, and if cleaned professionally every six months, an odor-free oral environment can be maintained. 

Regular dental cleanings are the cornerstone to good oral hygiene. Aside from maintaining your teeth’ health, cleaning visits also give dentists the opportunity to examine if there are any developing issues such as cavities or gingivitis and to treat them early. 

By simply setting up a routine cleaning and check-up exam, you can avoid unnecessary health concerns and be a healthier you. Although brushing and flossing the teeth regularly can help keep the breath fresh and maintain harmful bacteria in your mouth, it is important to visit a professional twice a year to help you maintain a healthy smile.

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