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Halitosis Treatment

Experiencing bad breath after eating certain foods or when first waking up in the morning is normal. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and good oral hygiene usually alleviates this problem. But there are instances when no matter how thoroughly you brush, that chronic bad breath or halitosis just won’t go away. Chances are that you’re in need of some dental care. Solis Dental provides thorough halitosis treatments for patients in the Hutto, Texas, area.

Consistent bad breath can be caused by many sources, including health conditions. There’s a high probability that the cause of your chronic bad breath is from underlying dental issues. As you consume different food and partake in different activities, bacteria builds up in your mouth. This bacteria gives off an unpleasant odor. This bacteria can’t always be removed with general oral hygiene, and professional help is required. 

Bad Breath Causes

We know dealing with bad breath can be embarrassing. As part of our Solis Dental family, we want you to be proud of your smile by solving any oral issue you may be experiencing. A thorough exam will help us find the root cause of the unpleasant breath you may be experiencing. 

Halitosis treatment varies from patient to patient. Depending on what’s causing the bad breath, we will recommend the most effective treatment. For some of our patients, a thorough cleaning is all that is needed. In other cases, removing a severely decayed tooth may be necessary. Regardless of the best course of treatment, our stellar services will bring meaningful change to your life. 

It’s time to say goodbye to chronic bad breath. Our compassionate staff at Solis Dental is ready to find the cause of your halitosis and treat it immediately. We provide service to families from Hutto, TX, and the surrounding areas of Round Rock, Georgetown, Taylor, Pflugerville, Dessau, Weir, Jonah, and Coupland. Contact us to schedule a thorough dental consultation.

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