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General Dentistry

Life can be unpredictable, one moment everything is fine, and the next bad luck comes your way. Solis Dental, is here to support you when life throws an unexpected dental emergency. We mean it when we say that our patients are part of the Solis Dental family. If you are located in Central Texas, our emergency dentistry services are available to you and your family. Contact us for help.  

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dental-related emergencies that emergency rooms can’t treat. They don’t have the dental professionals available or even the proper equipment. Luckily, Solis Dental provides stellar emergency dentistry services; that can make the difference when you truly need it. 

Our treatments and procedures are carried out by our experienced and caring dental team. Whether you need a routine cleaning or have a wisdom tooth that’s bugging you, our staff is ready to provide stellar care. We welcome people from all walks of life at our dental practice. If you are located in the Hutto, Texas area, contact us to schedule your next dentist appointment.
Hours of Operation:
Monday: 9am – 7pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday*: 10am – 5pm
Saturday*: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed
~~Operations may vary~~
*Fridays and Saturdays usually alternate