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A Redesigned Experience

What to expect

We value our customer’s time, health, and experience at our office. By re-envisioning what the dentist’s office can be, we’ve designed a space featuring a modern-day aesthetic to create a soothing and stream-lined environment for your comfort and health. We have a children’s area equipped with the latest in entertainment, the most innovative dental equipment on the market, and the business’s best professionals to deliver you an exceptional dental experience.

What To Bring

We always suggest bringing a list of your current prescriptions, any relevant medical history, insurance cards, questions you may have for us, and, of course, the expectation to brighten your smile. We even allow you to bring headphones so you can listen to music, podcasts, etc., while we maintain your oral health.

Children’s Space Available

We understand the dentist’s office isn’t the most appealing place for children and can feel quite confining. By creating a children’s space in the office, we can provide an environment where kids can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves with a flat-screen TV included with streaming services, video games, and Ipads.

Helping you cope with Dental Anxiety

You’re not alone; it’s actually quite common to be nervous when visiting the dentist’s office. Just make a team member of the doctor himself aware, and we will prioritize your comfort during your visit. We’ll work with you to manage any stress you may be experiencing and adapt the treatment to your needs.

Required Forms and Documents

Insurance cards (if you have insurance) and ID’s are a must in order for us to assist with your dental health, but a list of your current prescriptions and any relevant medical history is always helpful.

We're here for You

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Hours of Operation:
Monday: 9am – 7pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday*: 10am – 5pm
Saturday*: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed
~~Operations may vary~~
*Fridays and Saturdays usually alternate