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Six Month Smiles

At Solis Dental, we know your time is valuable; waiting over a year to see results from traditional braces or aligners is not ideal for everyone. If you want a straighter smile with little time invested, our six month smiles solutions are perfect for you. As a full-service family dental practice in Central Texas, we have a proven track record of creating visibly more appealing smiles for our patients. 

Six Month Smiles are an orthodontic treatment consisting of braces or aligners to adjust your teeth. You’ll have a significantly straighter smile in as little as six months. Our dental professionals are often asked, what’s the difference between a 6 month smile treatment and Invisalign? It really comes down to the focus of the treatment. 

Six month smile treatments focus on the visible front teeth and not on any of the back molars. In the majority of cases, molars take longer to adjust. Six month braces are really for cosmetical adjustments and not necessarily for more severe issues.  A visibly straighter smile not only looks better but empowers our members of the Solis Dental Family. Time and time again, we see how orthodontic treatment brings meaningful change to our patients lives. The boost of confidence is seen almost instantly. That meaningful change is why we dedicate our own life to top quality dentistry. 

Waiting years for a straighter smile is not always necessary. Six month smiles can be taken advantage of as early as 16 years of age. The six month braces or aligners used are made from clear plastic, making them discrete. Getting the smile of your dreams may only take up to 6 months.

Solis Dental serves families in Hutto, Round Rock, Georgetown, Taylor, Pflugerville, Dessau, Weir, Jonah, and Coupland. Take the first step in obtaining your straighter smile, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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